Initially InEvent was tasked with providing the branding for Vitality, the ITU headline sponsor.
However, when the race organisers saw the quality and the cost effectiveness of the products and services we could offer we were awarded all branding responsibility for the other event sponsors, Jabbra, JLL, Vitality, Columbia Threadneedle, Dassi and Epson.

Client brief

The client wanted InEvent to liaise directly with the sponsors and provide creative branding assistance as well as full product proofing for all products and brands. The goods had to be supplied in a very short lead time and InEvent were required to provide full logistical assistance on site at the event.


Using our wide range of available print sites and techniques we managed to provide all the branding within budget and on time by saving print space on the print beds and pre-purchasing certain materials ahead of schedule. This also allowed the sponsors a little extra time to decide on their final design and layout.
All products were delivered to the Hyde Park location by dedicated vehicles and members of our team were available to unload and demonstrate the installation of certain products.

Branding and Equipment Supplied

• 7500 linear metres of Crowd
• Barrier scrim
• 1 off 6m x 4.5m Bespoke
• Printed Inflatable Cube
• 295 Feather flags and hardware
• 6 off 12m Bespoke Printed
• Inflatable Arches
• 250 Correx Boards