Whatever your flag needs from festival or feather flags to ground and crowd flags we can provide you with a solution.

Feather Flags
InEvent offer one of the most comprehensive choices of feather flags and hardware available on the market.

We have a range of flag shapes and sizes which, in combination with a selection of interchangeable poles, bases and fittings, will suit all events, locations and requirements.

Floating Feather Flags

We are also able to offer a feather flag option that floats on water.  Using a specially adapted base our flag kit can accommodate a medium sized feather flag.

Flag Materials Available

We can offer flags on standard knitted flag polyester or, if preferred, on knitted polyester mesh.  We can also provide single-sided flags or double-sided flags with a plain fabric interliner.

Frame Options

We offer a choice of fibreglass or aluminium frames in a range of sizes to suit all flag types and other requirements.


The heavy duty Carbon Fibre feather flag frame is perfect for events that require quick install and de-rig.  The frame is easy to assemble and can be in situ in no time.  Our fibre glass frames can be used with a standard feather flag or a teardrop flag but we are also able to provide numerous other shapes and styles upon request.

Frame Sizes Available: 2.8m, 3.4m, 4.3, 5.7m


Our Aluminium frames are exceptional and perfect for branding that requires increased longevity or an event that is exposed to higher wind speeds. The aluminium frame can be supplied with a standard feather flag, rectangular or a teardrop feather flag and comes with numerous base options for internal or external use.

Frame Sizes Available: 2.3m, 3m, 3.2m, 4.1m

Flag Options

The most popular flag options include blade, teardrop and rectangular flags but other standard and bespoke shapes are available to ensure we have a flag for any need.

Base Options

We offer a variety of flag base options all of which are interchangeable between the different flag pole types and sizes.

Our range of base options includes:

• Ground Spike
• Cross Base
• Car Stand
• Small Water Base
• Large Water Base