As well as being a fantastic focal point, creating an amazing opportunity to promote sponsors and welcome spectators at the gateway to your event, Gantries are also an effective way to manage and direct participants.

InEvent provides an extensive range of Gantry structures that will cover all your event requirements.  Our Gantries are modular so can be constructed to suit the specific dimensions that you require.  All of our Gantries are provided with full structural calculations and a full on-site installation service.


To enable us to make the best possible recommendation for your Gantry construction and branding we would want to know the following:

• Dimensions of Gantry required or your existing Gantry;
• Artwork style-photographic, illustrations, logo or text;
• Available fixings (if using your existing structure) or preferred method of fixing branding;
• Location and degree of exposed of the Gantry to the elements;
• Length of time or number of occasions the Gantry branding will be in use;
• Length of time available for installation and de-rig of the Gantry and branding.

Branding Options

We can provide an extensive range of materials to suit your requirements. Our specialist knowledge allows us to recommend the most appropriate and practical material for the longevity, location and aesthetics that are needed.

Our dedicated event team and creative designers will also provide you with mock ups and layout proofs to show you the finished look of your Gantry.

Gantry branding is available on a variety of substrates including:

• Corex;
• Foamex;
• Display board;
• Front-Lit PVC;
• PVC Mesh;
• Poly-mesh;
• 220gsm Display Polyester.


All our Gantry branding is custom-sized to suit your particular gantry and ready for immediate installation.  The products will be finished to meet the particular method of installation and fixing agreed with you whether that be finishing with eyelets, pockets or velcro or anything else.


Whilst we are more than happy just to provide branding alone (with or without hardware) our experienced team of installers enable us to provide a complete Gantry solution.  All Gantries supplied and installed by us are available complete with  full structural and technical specifications, as well as risk and method assessments as required.

Our fully certified and trained team can provide all of its own installation equipment or use any onsite equipment if required. A full de-rig and collection service can also be provided or our team can remain onsite to assist during the event.  Gantries can also be delivered and removed part-constructed and branded where there is only a limited installation and de-rig window available.