Pop Up Banners

These lightweight, versatile and eye catching products are a cost-effective display solution.  They can be used in numerous locations, which might otherwise be costly or difficult to brand, and take a minimal amount of time to set up.
Whether they are placed at a race start line, the side-lines of a football pitch, on a golf course or at the pool side during a swimming event, they look stunning and are the perfect branding medium for events that require lightweight and easily assembled products.

Our pop ups are made of 100% European materials and the frames are made of robust and flexible fibreglass. We supply our pop ups on 200gsm flame retardant knitted polyester and our printing is carried out using the Dye Sublimation technique which allows us to achieve an excellent match to brand colours.

These highly versatile displays can be used internally or externally and come supplied with a carry bag and pegs, for fixing through the hooks on the base of the Pop up when used on soft ground.  Optional sandbags can be supplied to weigh down the Pop ups when they are set up on hard artificial surfaces such as astroturf, tarmac or concrete. Each sand bag can hold up to 2.5kg of sand. These sand bags can be attached to the velcro distancing straps in the interior of each banner, making for an excellent solution to securing them on mildly windy days.

Shapes and Sizes

InEvent supply Pop ups in the following shapes and sizes:


Sizes Available:

• 1.2m x 0.7m
• 1.8m x 1.15m
• 2m x 1m
• 2.5m x 1m
• 2.7m x 1.35m


Sizes Available:

• 0.8m x 1.2m
• 1m x 1.5m
• 1m x 2m
• 1.5m x 3m


Sizes Available:

• 1.2m x 0.8m
• 1.5m x 0.75m
• 2m x 1m
• 1.8m x 1.15m
• 1.4m x 1.4m
• 2m x 1.4m
• 2.5m x 1m
• 3m x 1m